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The Giggling Duck is a story full of inspiration and thoughtful insights. It is carefully designed to engage children in deep discussions in the most gentle and kid friendly way possible. Sharing this book with friends and loved ones is also a wonderful way to support TevaLand, a 501(c)3 non-profit animal sanctuary.

Kids and animals in need; always a heavenly match of love and mutual support. Suffering souls know and identify with one another. And, unfortunately, not everything in life is easy. TevaLand Sanctuary Farm has the privilege to witness and foster many deep bonds between rescued animals, kids, and adults who struggle. One of these amazing and all true stories is about Puffi the Duck.

As a duckling, Puffi is born into very harsh circumstances. All by herself and struggling, can the little duckling make it? Puffi did make it, but much more than that. At an animal Sanctuary Farm called TevaLand, she grew up to be a unique and majestic duck. With all of her challenges and disabilities, she couldn't become a regular duck, so she just didn't. She became something even more special to the many friends she made and inspired them to overcome their own personal difficulties. Puffi still inspires them and many more, even though she grew old and became something else... something that is hard to explain but inevitable and beautiful.

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All proceeds benefit TevaLand Sanctuary Farm