Community Hero Project Suggestions  

Traphagen Elementary 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade

1 -  Bentley, the Sanctuary Watch Dog, is in need of a shaded, protected, and well ventilated dog house. Can you build one together? Bentley will stop by to pick it up once the project is completed!

2 - TevaLand spends thousands of dollars feeding our rescued animal family. One source for their food is the Tractor Supply chain. Can you come up with your own creative way to raise $300 in Tractor Supply gift cards to help feed a rescued animal for 1 month? 

3 - Help us find more friends for our horses. Create a presentation you can show to business owners to support TevaLand. Show the presentation to five business owners to find a business who will sponsor hay for the horses every month. 

4 - Organize a fundraising event at your school to earn a visit from our animals. Get permission, coordinate, and organize selling of baked goods and/or other merchandise. 

5 - Organize private garage sales to benefit TevaLand. Get permission, coordinate location, collect donated items, and organize selling of merchandise. 

6 - Small animals habitat project. Create challenging, fun habitats for our smallest rescued animals. Set a goal to complete 5 to 7 cages to fit their needs and interests. 

7 - Canning for donations at local businesses with info about TevaLand to educate the public. Use the money collected to bring our Farm Friends program to your classroom!